Sincerely, Me

“At least I’m not changing my mind and my life’s direction 6 times a year like you do.” This is what was said to me when I complained about stagnation and the irritability that follows a stagnate life.

My response was as followed, “Yes, I AM constantly changing my life. I fall in love with a new idea every other month. But this is who I am and I love being this way.”

My name is Lisa Love. Passion, progression, reinvention and daily tune-ups are the core values to what I proclaim as life.

I hold a lot of opinions in my heart and this is a place where I can freely express them. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but since I figured that I might not be doing that, I might as well write a blog.

I aspire to inspire. I’m not seeking fame or fortune, but only to be able to touch at least one heart, one soul, or one life. If I can accomplish that much then my life will have then served its purpose.

Sure, I may not have it all figured out, but I am having a damn good time trying.