Compassion for all


Day by day, I see dark hearts that achieve great satisfaction by soaking in their own subconscious ferocity. To be surrounded by such subtle internal cruelty is incredibly upsetting. I hear insults and nonverbal condemnation directed towards the less fortunate, towards those in need, towards the introverts, towards those who are “beneath you,” (I can go on….and on….) What happened to acts of benevolence? What happened to compassion?

The act of compassion allows room for us to develop a deep awareness of the suffering of others coupled with the wish to relieve it. The principles of nonmaleficence and benevolence will better mankind by giving rise to a much more compassionate society which in turn, will open up our hearts to sympathy, mercy, forgiveness, and altruism.

You don’t know the story of someone else’s life, unless you have walked a lifetime in their shoes. So the next time you encounter a person of less fortune, or even someone in need of a friend, reach out and be the savior for that moment because you never know whose day you’re going to make, or whose heart you’re going to touch by showing even the slightest bit of compassion.

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