Embrace your inner WEIRD

We expend too much energy worrying about things that are insignificant. By doing so, we lose the ability to be fully expressed, liberated, and free in the moments of our lives.

Everyday I witness those who shy away and close themselves off to others in fear of coming off as “weird.” It’s saddening and simultaneously infuriating to see others pass judgment if they feel you aren’t, in their opinion, “normal.” The last time I checked, normal was (for lack of better phrasing) pretty fucking boring. NO ONE has the right to make you feel as if you’re beneath them. NO ONE is above you.

Give up on worrying about things that have to do with the ego, such as how you look, how you’re perceived, trying to maintain your appearance, and just trying to show that you have it all together. DUDE! Everyone is their own character and everyone embodies some type of, as society would label it, “weird,” whether it derives from quirks, linguistics, or personal choices. By worrying about what others may think of us, we lose ourselves. SO BE YOU! Be who you truly are. Be weird! It’s the best careless attitude to possess. Give no one the right to internally or judgmentally take away your individuality. Embrace the you that lives in fear of judgement. Embrace what makes you stand individualized from others. Display your inner self like a proud trophy because after all, it’s what make you, YOU.

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