Ok, you win!

Friendship is, the person, or social group that bring about the feelings of comfort, companionship, and the occasional strife. I define friendship as a bond between entities in which the grounded foundation comprises of empathy, a caring for one another’s welfare, mutual self-disclosure, and a level of emotional intimacy.

Friendships are a precious commodity. The remarkable ones last a lifetime, the rest is but a memory and a lesson learned. It is up to all conclusive parties to maintain, cherish, and nurture that irreplaceable bond, because each bond is intimately unique and should be cared for with a fierce attention to detail.

Furthermore; friends are there to uplift you when you’re feeling down, to guide you through the baffling struggles, to lend an ear in moments of stifling silence, to backhand you when you’re traveling down a destructive path, to applaud you for making terrible yet memorable decisions, and to inspire you towards a greater you. Friendship is, having that person or persons, there for you through both realms of black and white.

Although we like to believe that friendships are all things full of laughter, good times, and good company, it may not always be as so. Like romantic relationships, great friendships require work. Friendships are nothing to that of perfection. It involves upward climbs, downward spirals, and temperamentally sporadic disagreements. All of which are realistic and natural to human communication.

To be right is to be able to know that you don’t always have to be right. All great friendships begin with empathy. Understanding for one another is the key component to what it means to have created a successful friendship. It is unnecessary to attempt to win a battle against a loved one if and when the loved one is the one at risk.

To those of us whom are guilty of pointing fingers at who was right and who was wrong are victims to this toxic idea that ruins bonds between friendships. Pride aside, if you love someone enough, you will consider his/her feelings and mobilize that emotion to the utmost priority over prioritizing the right versus wrong.

It is never a competition and friendships will never be a competition. To compete with a friend is to have no friend. As friends, we don’t wish to be better and we don’t wish harm, dismay, or hurt unto others. We celebrate our victories and we together mourn through the hardships. The priority is to protect what is loved. The principle of being right should not stand taller than the love we have for each other.

Through it all, remember that your friends, will ALWAYS BE THERE. It’s not about who is right. And it is definitely not about who is wrong; so submit to friendship, and succumb to love. All great and lasting friendships are equivalent to losing to one another simultaneously, hugging it out, and laughing about it later.